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Synth Lab @ Echo Zoo # 2 - Mini-Korg 700 (s).

Continuing our little Blog on Synths that we'll have in our new Synth Lab at Echo Zoo is a proper little Sci-Fi rave machine - The Korg Mini-Korg 700s. This little mono dual oscillator beauty is packed full of quirky features such as a repeater, portamento, auto-bend, Chorus and Vibrato. There are plenty of oscillator detune options to be had, and some great configurations for modulation and ring modulation.

Pictured above a mini-korg 700. The simpler precursor to the 700s

This synthesiser is a real 'performers' synth with plenty of easily accessible switches, knobs and sliders in easy reach and a lot easier than most synths of the same era to get back to a familiar user preferred 'preset'. Users of the Mini 700 include some great bands - The Cure, The Human League, Stevie Wonder, Paul Hardcastle and The Cars. It forms pretty much the basis of The Normal's 1978 minimalist track " Warm Leatherette" Below. If you want to hear what else this little guy can do then check out the video above and see our head synth explorer, Ozlo, put it through it's paces.



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