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Studio One


Studio 1’s live room was also built to a very high standard in 1978. It is of a live end / dead end design to offer

maximum flexibility. The end nearest the control room is a hard wood floor and the rest of the live room is carpeted


There is a a sizeable vocal booth with clear sight lines at the rear of the room. It was originally designed to get  'that' 70's dry drum sound and is big enough to get a small kit in there, amps or of course a vocalist.

Many engineers and producers have commented on the controlled acoustic nature of this room with no nasty surprises and it offers a great blank canvas to start getting creative with.

Useful features of the room include an L shaped alcove adjacent the vocal booth and moveable recording screens / gobos to make separate recording areas.  

Permanent fixtures in the room include a reliable and well maintained Yamaha C2 Baby Grand Piano, a Hammond C3 organ with valve Leslie Cab and Tubular Bells.

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