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Studio One

Studio 1’s control room was built and designed to an incredibly high standard back in 1978 to provide accurate monitoring and clear sight lines through to the live room and booths. 

There are two consoles in this control room. A 32 channel 64 input SSL G4000 series console and a rare and sonically excellent  12 channel 1970’s Neve PSM desk. The control room also houses a wide range of outboard gear, Protools HDX, a Studer A80 1/2” Tape machine, a Studer A807 1/4” Tape machine, and an EMT 948 broadcast turntable for listening pleasure.

The Control room has an adjoining machine room, which hosts the SSL power supply, and a choice of 2” Multitrack Tape machines - Ampex MM-1200, Studer A80 MkII, MCI JH16, Otari MTR90Mk II. 

Please give us advance notice if wishing to track to tape so we can chat through line-ups, tape requirements and availability of machines between the two studios.

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