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Studio One



     Studio 1



SSL G Series 4000 32 Channel 64 input

Neve 1978 PSM 12 Channel with direct outs

Grommes  Precision 1950s 5 into 1 Mono Mixer


Protools HDX System running on Mac Pro

Otari MTR90 Mk II 24 track 2" Tape machine

Ampex MM1200 24 track 2" Tape Machine


Stereo 2 Track Recorders

Studer A80 1/2" tape machine

Studer A810 1/4" tape machine

Studer B67 1/4" tape machine


Unity Audio rocks

Focal Twin6 Be

Genelec 8050a

Yamaha Ns10

Dynaudio M3


Outboard Mic pre's and Eq

Neve 4080 - 4 x Neve 1080 Mic Pre - F

Focusrite ISA115 Mono Mic pre & Eq x 2

DAV BG1 Broadhurst Gardens dual Mic Pre - F

RCA Germanium mono Mic Pre - F

Quad Eight AM4 Dual Mic Pre & DI - F

Quad Eight LA24 Dual Mic Pre & DI - F

8 Racked Channels of vintage Trident TSM

Cartec/Pultec EQ1A Valve EQs X 3

SSL Fusion Stereo  Mix Bus Processor

Universal Audio Twinfinity

Avalon U5 Bass Pre

Outboard Compressors & Limiters 

POM Fairchild 670 MkII Valve - F

Urie 1176 Blackface  rev 4 ( original ) X 2

Stam Audio 1176 Blue Stripe 

DBX 165 Dual mono with stereo link

Empirical Lab EL8 Distressors X 2

Neve 2254 Compressor Limiter X 2 - F

Trident Audio Designs Dual Mono Compressor

Custom LA2A Optical Limiter with Sowter Transformer

Federal Vari-Mu Tube Mono Compressor

Joe Meek Sc2 Stereo Compressor

Ridge Farm Boiler Mk1 Stereo Limiter-Distortion Unit

Reverbs & Fx 

Lexicon 480l with Larc

Klark Teknik DN780 -F

EMT-Goldfoil Plate

EMT 140 Plate - F

AKG BX20 Spring Reverb

Wem Copicat

Echoplex Tape Delay - F

Korg SE 500 Tape Delay - F

Electrix Warp Factory Vocoder - F


Neumann U47 Longbody Tube  ( Original VF14 )

Neumann U47 Fet

Neumann U67 Tube

Neumann U87 X 4

Neumann KM84i X 4

Neumann  KM56 Tube

Neumann  M149 Tube

BeesNeez M149 Tube

Funkenwerk M49 Tube

Peluso P12 Tube

AKG C28 Tube



AKG D112 X 2

AKG 451 X 5

AKG D224E X 4

Audio Technica 4047 X 2

Beyerdynamic M69 X 2

Beyerdynamic M88 X 2

Beyerdynamic M101N

Beyerdynamic M260NC X 2

Ball & Biscuit 

Calrec CM 1050C

CROWN PZM Boundary  X 2

COLES 4048 X 2

Electrovoice RE20 X 4

Electrovoice RE16

Sennheiser 421 X 5

Shure SM7B

Shure SM57 X 7

Shure SM58 X 2

Schoeps V4U X 2 

Sub Kick - Custom

Josephson C42 MP X 2

Cascade Fathead X 2

Siemens Binaural with Dummy Head




Yamaha C2 Baby Grand Piano

Electro Mechanical & Organs

Hammond C3 with 147 Leslie Cabinet

Rhodes 73 Mk1

Wurlitzer EP 200A

Farfisa VIP

Vox Continental 300



Roland Jupiter 8

Roland Jupiter 6

Roland Jupiter 4

Roland Juno 6 with Kenton Midi Kit

Roland Juno 106

Roland Sh101

Roland Sh3A

Moog Minimoog Model D

Custom 1970s Minimoog Clone

Moog Prodigy

Moog Taurus II

JEN SX1000

Logan String Machine

Etherwave Theremin

Doepfer Dark Energy

Korg Delta

Korg Mini 700s

Siel Cruise


Styophone Gen 1 X

Crumar Bit99

Roland System 1

Oberheim DMX Drum Machine

Guitars and Basses


Fender Telecaster - 90s

Fender Stratocaster - 90s

Fender Baritone Guitar

Hagström Viking

Burns Marquee

Harmony H100

Danelectro 12 String

Fender 6 String Acoustic

Fender 12 String Acoustic


Fender Precisions Custom Shop

Fender Jazz

Dan Armstrong London Bass ( with sliding pickup )

Epiphone Thunderbird


Vox Ac30 HW2  

Vox Ac30 30 Year Anniversary Edition

Orange AD30 90's Version -100w

Ampeg  vt-22 ( The Keef ) X 2

Fender Deville

Fender Deville Blues Custom

Fender Deluxe 

Fender Reverb 1968

Fender Reverb Twin 1968


Marshall JCM100 - 70s

SoundCity 120 - 70s

Fender Bassman

Ampeg SVT Classic

H+H 112
Ampex Valve Amp 10w


Gretsch 1980 Maple 4 Piece Kit

Slingerland 60's 3 Piece Kit #1

Slingerland 60's 3 Piece Kit #2

Jalapeño Custom 3 Piece Kit

Various Snares and Kik Drums


C+C, DW, Yamaha available for separate hire

from Botty Hire onsite.


Baroque Type Timpani

Tubular Bells




General Percussion

Please Note All Microphones, Instruments  and equipment marked " F " are shared between studio 1&2 but special requests can be made to reserve any particular requirements for sessions if necessary. Also we pride ourselves in keeping all of our equipment & instruments in well maintained fully working order, but as with all vintage and new gear it can be temperamental or fail suddenly for which we cannot take any responsibility. That being said we employ excellent techs and have more than enough choice to make sure your session runs smoothly.




Click PDF to download gearlist

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